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In addition to our makeup and dressing services, Ms Lola also offers a range of other services designed to help cross-dressers and the transgender community discover and portray their inner femininity. Our dedication to making our shop a welcoming environment ensures a fun and enjoyable experience for every client from the moment you walk through the door. All our services are designed to help you feel comfortable and are always carried with your privacy in mind.

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At Ms Lola, our consultations are designed to be all about you. We are committed to creating a safe space where cross-dressers and members of the transgender community are free to talk about your needs without fear of judgement. At these consultations, we will discuss cross-dressing to address any questions and concerns you may have, offering unique insight on how to convey your femininity to the world confidently and comfortably.

Our passion for what we do means we will work with you to identify the best options for you that will compliment your personality, style, preferences, age, and body type, helping you look and feel incredible. We will also offer advice on how you can improve your image and enhance your femininity, helping you feel confident and at ease in public.

Our consultations are available in two different sessions of varying length and prices, including:

One Hour Session: £50
Two Hour Session: £80

We will help you book another appointment with us after this consultation to help you explore your feminine style.

Deportment Lessons

At Ms Lola, we know that carrying oneself gracefully and with poise is an art that transcends makeup and expensive clothing. There is nothing more beautiful than a confident, classy lady, who when she walks into the room, makes her presence felt. To help you create your feminine presence, we offer deportment lessons, helping you develop skills on how to naturally and comfortably act more feminine.
At your deportment lessons with Ms Lola, we will discuss your goals in a private space and will create a plan according to your unique needs. We will teach you how to sit, walk, speak, dress, eat, and more in a ladylike way, helping you build your confidence. Additionally, our deportment lessons will teach you how to express your elegance through poise, grace, and your personal charm. The pricing for our deportment lessons are:

One Hour Lesson: £75

Every deportment lesson is carried out in our safe, welcoming premises, and every member of our team is dedicated to maintaining the privacy and comfort of every client.

Deportment Lessons

Girly Lunches

Our girly lunches provide cross-dressing and transgender clients with the opportunity to have a fun day out with a group of supportive, like-minded individuals. With these outings, we offer you the opportunity to go out made up and dressed up with the girls, allowing you to express yourself outside of our private shop while still ensuring your safety and comfort at all times.

We go out to lunch and afternoon tea, go shopping, and generally support each other as we venture into the real world. Ms Lola’s girly lunches are available as either two or four-hour outings, and are priced as follows:

Two Hours: £180
Four Hours: £270

Our team is committed to your complete satisfaction, and strive to make every outing with Ms Lola a fun, enjoyable experience. You are also free to return to our shop to change and remove any makeup after the outing.

Personal Shopping

Ms Lola provides a professional, bespoke personal shopping service that will take all the stress and hassle out of shopping. We offer guidance and support to help you find the right clothes and accessories to compliment your personal style and enhance your feminine representation. We will help you build your wardrobe at a pace you are comfortable with, starting with the basics and working up to more complex outfit selections.

Our team will consult with you before your personal shopping trip to discuss your goals and what you are looking to achieve. Whether you are looking for clothing, cosmetics, shoes, wigs, or anything else you may need, the talented team at Ms Lola will help you find the perfect options for you. Prices for this service are available upon request and are tailored according to your unique needs. You are also free to ship any items to our shop, and we will ensure that it is kept safe until you collect it. A £15 handling fee will be charged upon collection.


At Ms Lola, we truly love capturing the moments where you look and feel beautiful. As a result, we offer a professional, discreet photoshoot service in our private, safe studio to help you preserve those moments.

Our in-house photographer has previous experience as a fashion photographer in Milan and will use this experience to make you feel at ease and look fantastic. We provide you with full access to our comprehensive wardrobe and collection of wigs and accessories, allowing you to create your perfect looks.

You will also have access to our selection of breast forms and other body shaping garments. Whether you know exactly what outfit you want, or if you have a basic idea and would like our team to guide you, your photoshoot with Ms Lola offers the ideal opportunity for you to express yourself freely.

Prices start at £400 and are tailored according to the unique needs you have for your photoshoot. Photoshoots can also be arranged offsite at a pre-arranged location of your choice.

Postage & Storage

In addition to our comprehensive range of services, Ms Lola also offers clients a secure storage space. This space is accessible with prior arrangement during our usual operating hours and will allow you to store your belongings, including clothing, wigs, makeup, accessories, and more in a safe space.

Additionally, if you have purchased something from another retailer and are unable to have it delivered to your location, you are free to have your products delivered to our shop. We charge a £15 handling fee for this service. To find out more about our postage and storage facilities, get in touch with us today on 02073366926 or 07505397610.

Postage & Storage

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