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About Ms Lola

Ms Lola is an established dressing service that has been running for over a decade and is now based in our Central London shop dedicated to delivering an exciting, innovative service to cross-dressers and the transgender community to help you look and feel feminine. Every member of our experienced team takes great pride in their work, building a special connection with every client to ensure their complete satisfaction. We are passionate about providing you with a safe place to relax and express yourself, and guarantee complete confidentiality in every area of our service.

A Message From The Founder

Hi! My name is Zoe, and I am the founder and owner of Ms Lola. I have over 15 years of experience in the makeup and beauty industry, developing and honing my skills to ensure I provide you with the best possible service. During this time I have had the opportunity to work with many high profile clients and interesting individuals, and have established several lasting friendships in the TV community. I believe in maintaining the highest levels of exclusivity, and in respecting every client’s needs for privacy and confidentiality. I understand your journey and strive to use my experience to ensure you feel welcome and accepted during your time at Ms Lola. My passion is to deliver an unrivalled service that will make you feel special and look amazing. Our shop is based within walking distance of Hoxton and its beautiful shops, clubs, and restaurants. Every part of the shop is designed with comfort and femininity in mind, helping every client feel at ease. The Ms Lola team is here to attend to all your needs, specialising in making clients feel at ease and completely comfortable. We offer complimentary tea, coffee, and wine to every client while we meet and discuss your requirements.

Zoe O’Connor


Complete Confidentiality

We pride ourselves on our discretion and confidentiality, taking great care to ensure your privacy is protected at all times. Your dressing and makeup will be applied in our private lounges, where we encourage you to relax and enjoy every minute of your time with us. We will never divulge or sell any of your information, and all our products are shipped in plain packaging with no company information on the label.
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Our Namesake

Ms Lola was a beautiful, elegant, T-Girl in Paris in the 1950s. While she was very popular and highly sought after by many, she maintained an air of mystery throughout most of her life and career, never letting anyone get close enough to know her completely. She was always searching for something more and longed for a deeper connection. One day, she realised she had fallen in love and had finally found the connection she was searching for. Since then, she disappeared into complete anonymity, never to be seen or heard from again. Many years later, her diary was discovered among some long-forgotten belongings, and reading it has inspired me to continue Ms Lola’s legacy of beauty, elegance, and mystery.

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