Ms Lola is a new and exciting business with fresh vision and new ideas for this very exclusive way of life. We are based in a very upmarket and trendy part of London and want you to feel absolutely fabulous. We take pride in our work and have a special connection to the work we do it is not a job but a passion.

We specialise in cross dressing, transvestites and transgenders. We also do all types of fantasy wear and everything in between. Our glorious premises are every girl's dream. We give our clients the highest standard of care, privacy and attention. We offer the seclusion in a safe and friendly environment and our staff will make sure you have fun and enjoyable experience.

Ideally located in central London at Whitecross St. EC1 for you to have the best experience of Ms Lola.

Makeup Only
Makeup Lessons
Dressing services

Personal Shopping

Deportment lessons

Wig rejuvenation

Girly Lunches

Complimentary tea, coffee and wine available to all clients.
Our policy is based on discretion, friendliness and highest standards to make you feel and look your best ever.

We are always here for a friendly chat if needed so
give us a call on 07505397610 or send us a message on